offers a Free Interactive Movie Checklist for every movie listicle on our site!

When it’s movie night, we know you don’t want to be searching and searching for that list of movie suggestions. Just download our free interactive and printable movie checklist for later reference.

This free movie checklist can be:

  1. Downloaded to your phone, tablet, laptop or computer
  2. Printed out for reference
  3. Used directly on your device as an interactive checklist in order to checkoff any item on the list

So what can you do with this free printable and interactive movie checklist?

  1. You can simply have it for your own reference.
    • Checkoff movies you have seen or want to see
  2. Share it with family or friends
  3. Use it for movie night
    • Share the list with family or friends you are getting together with for movie night
    • Each person can checkoff what they have already seen
    • You can than find the movies no one has seen and watch one for movie night
  4. Use it as a movie challenge for that genre, checking off the movies on the list as you watch them

Why am I not able to interact with the movie checklist? I can not check the boxes.

It depends on which pdf viewer you are using to view the file. You can download Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer (It is FREE), and you will be able to use the checkboxes.

Thank You

We value our readers and offer these free movie checklists as a “Thank You” to each and every one of you!


** Please NOTE: These printables are for private use only. They are under copyright by Any resale, commercial use or distribution is prohibited.