FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Listicle?

A listicle is simply a list article. Instead of a long form informational article, a listicle offers a list of items with a brief description of each item. For example “The 10 Best Horror Movies of All Time”, “Top 10 Animated Disney Movies”, “Here Are Some Health Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Now”

A listicle is easy to read or skim, keeping the reader engaged in the list topic with videos, images and quick summaries of each item.

What makes unique?

We provide a FREE interactive checklist for each movie list on the website.

We offer a Like This Watch That category, which suggests other movies to watch if you like a particular movie.

We welcome and encourage reader participation.

Visit our About Us page for more information.

What is “Like This Watch That”?

This is a segment of our website that suggests other movies similar in tone, theme, plot or style to another movie / show / documentary. For example, “Like the Movie Saw, Watch These“, where we suggest other movies to watch if you liked the horror movie Saw.

Does accept Guest Blog Posts?

Yes, we encourage those bloggers who love movies and would like to contribute a guest post to to contact us here!

What is the Free Printable Movie Checklist that you offer for each movie listicle?

This is a Free PDF Download of an interactive checkable movie checklist for each listicle on our site. To learn more about what this is and what you can do with this movie checklist, visit here.

You can find ALL of our movie list checklists here.

Why am I not able to interact with the movie checklist? I can not check the boxes.

It depends on which pdf viewer you are using to view the file. You can download Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer (It is FREE), and you will be able to use the checkboxes.